Monday, December 31, 2012

Guns and Hollywood

Cam Slater (aka Whaleoil) struck a raw nerve with his post (1 January 2013):

"A whole bunch of anti-gun celebrities have come out with a video against guns…the problem is the hypocrites have  made films, tv shows, made money from the glorification of the gun culture they now stand against…some even use guns themselves as a hobby…and all caught on camera.

Mike Hunt has taken their video and made a mashup of their utter hypocrisy:"

This video shows the raw truth of what is terribly wrong with the entertainment industry. It is appalling how Hollywood dishes up this violent gun culture totally divorced from reality and worse that we public pay to see it.  Both the creators and consumers have blood on their hands when some nutter shoots innocent people.

Hunters know well the damage that high powered rifles do to mammalian flesh and bone and the thought of them causing that to any human-being is unthinkable.  Yet it is hunters that suffer the political fallout and public odium to anybody who owns guns.  Yes there are tragic hunting accidents, some inexcusable, but fortunately they are rare.  Cars, motorbikes, and chainsaws cause tragic accidents too.

If President Obama really wants to reduce these awful mass shootings, he should tackle mindless gun violence on film and computer.  The entertainment industry wont stop it voluntarily.  

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